Tarah Abrahim

Robertson High School

Kort verduideliking oor jou rok of ontwerpkeuse

I wanted a dress that is unique,but elegant. A dress that compliments not only my skin colour, but my delicate personality. I have always had a love for a sweetheart neckline, which embraces my shoulders. I loved the fact that my dress was of minimal clevage, yet effective through the top corsette design and the flowing, floral bottom.The additional sleeves made it complete!

Skool se matriekafskeid bygewoon?


Wat was jou inspirasie vir jou matriekafskeidrok?

Tradition runs strong throughout my family. I wanted my dress to represent not only the culture and beauty of my paternal side of the family, which is Arab, but show my greatest respect towards its unique style.To emphasize its individual beauty too,with my love for fashion.The black and white colour caught my eye, as it related to my vintage aesthetic.

Wat was jou gunsteling deel van jou matriekafskeidrok?

I would definitely say the top corsette part! I was in love with how it complimented my soul, comforted my torso and embraced my love for unique patterns and sparkles.

Datum van matriekafskeid?


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