Sameerah Langeveldt

Eunice High School

Kort verduideliking oor jou rok of ontwerpkeuse

My favourite part of the dress had to be top piece. I loved the idea of the contrasting,visible silver to the black especially in the case of neck piece. I mostly prefer to wear clothing that contain a neck piece so it was the inspiration coming to life that made it more exciting to wear.

Skool se matriekafskeid bygewoon?

Eunice High School

Wat was jou inspirasie vir jou matriekafskeidrok?

I had been searching for days for a dress that I felt would suit and bring out some of my favourite characteristics in clothing. Key: The dress had to have a neck piece. After some days on Pinterest I found dresses of the Designer Valdrin Sahiti.As I delved more into similar images of his designs I found the perfect one;It was a pink-champagne like colour dress with the silver jewels and gems ,but with long sleeves in which I simply altered the dress to suit my self-image. And of course, it had a neck piece.✨

Wat was jou gunsteling deel van jou matriekafskeidrok?

After choosing the design by Valdrin Sahiti. I instinctively felt to choose the colour black. I felt that it would bring out the sparkle from the silver jewels and the contrast between the two colours was something that stood out. I also desired the bodycon dress as I felt it would appear more sleek and elegant with the two colours. This was also supported by my amazing designer: Gerhard Shebe who also affirmed the idea of black and silver. He also added the piece of overskirt to the dress that I really loved and in the end the dress stayed true to myself as well as the ideal image of what I wanted✨

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