Rebecca Lockhart

Merensky High School

Kort verduideliking oor jou rok of ontwerpkeuse

When my search for my dress began I had specific idea in my head, it was going to be a tight fitting dress in gold or red! That was it! The day finally arrived and with great excitement we entered the boutique and there was just so many dresses, I felt totally overwhelmed. Taking my mom's advise I decided to have an open mind and see how each dress I tried on would make me feel. This was the first dress I put on, I fell in love, The layers, the silver and gold sequence, the open back and pure elegance of it all. I then tried on 6 more dresses, none of them made me feel like I did in the first one, complete fairytale, where the average girls puts on the dress that make her feel on top of the world and the most beautiful girl in the room. Deal done! Our car may have gotten stolen when we came out of the boutique, but we had the dress! Let the fairytale begin.........

Skool se matriekafskeid bygewoon?

Merensky High School

Wat was jou inspirasie vir jou matriekafskeidrok?

I knew I had one shot to get this right, your matric farewell is the first big event you have in your life besides your wedding day and I have always been attracted to shiny things! So this dress ticked all the boxes, elegant & graceful and could standout without adding anything to it, it spoke of who I am, simple elegance with no extras required.

Wat was jou gunsteling deel van jou matriekafskeidrok?

Everything, absolutely every single detail! This dress was just everything to me, from the gold and silver sequence, the train, the layers, WOW, it took my breath away and wanted to share this feeling with others. My absolute favorite part of my dress was not only how it looked, but how it made me feel and that for me, is the most important part of any dress a girl will wear in her life.

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