Nicole Smuts

Paarl Girls High

Kort verduideliking oor jou rok of ontwerpkeuse

I wanted a dress that would compliment my features and reflect my personality. I chose a shimmer silver material with a champagne undertone to emphasis on the elegance of my dress and that would enhance the hand stitched detail on the corset flowing down into my dress. The beaded cups that flow into the corset, highlight the focal point of my dress. With the help of my `Cape Town based designer, she helped me to create the vision I had of my dream dress.

Skool se matriekafskeid bygewoon?


Wat was jou inspirasie vir jou matriekafskeidrok?

I was inspired to wear a dress that is elegant and timeless. This dress is a true representation of the grace that reflects within my personality. The choice of colour for my dress, allows my vision of unique and eye catching detail to stand out. I was inspired to have a detailed corset top that flows into the fitted lower part of my dress, with a tail to complete my elegant look.

Wat was jou gunsteling deel van jou matriekafskeidrok?

The hand stitched detail in the tail and the beaded cups that flow into the corset, highlight my favourite part of my dress. With my dream of wearing a timeless and elegant dress to my matric farewell, this design allowed me to express my personality and I could feel comfortable and confident with the flow and tailored fit of my dress.

Datum van matriekafskeid?


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