Aaminah Diedericks

New orleans secondary school

Kort verduideliking oor jou rok of ontwerpkeuse

The dress : one shoulder mash panel split thigh dress

Skool se matriekafskeid bygewoon?

New orleans secondary school

Wat was jou inspirasie vir jou matriekafskeidrok?

The dress was ready made when I went to choose dresses it captured my attention more then what the other dresses did , it's not a dress I've seen someone pull off properly it doesn't suit everyones skin colour but it made my skin look fair it made me stand out more then what any other dress could have

Wat was jou gunsteling deel van jou matriekafskeidrok?

it was comfortable to dance and move in which is something that i looked forward to again the colour was something that i did not expect it was a red that complimented not only my body but my personality aswell

Datum van matriekafskeid?


Hou van wat jy sien?

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